Wednesday 9 March 2016

Essig Taylor Gifford Miron available now!

L to R - Ian, Rick, David and Richard photo by Amanda Lynn Stubley
On February 18th 2016 there was a great little party at the London Music Club's front room to commemorate the launch of "Essig Taylor Gifford Miron" to music fans around the world!

You can now find the album on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify and more! You can also message us at our Facebook page and we will arrange to send you a CD by mail!

The launch party saw David make a special trip into London not only to play the party (to a standing room only crowd) but he also graced two London homes for house concerts and the stage of the "Firehall Reunion" show as part of the house band as well as a full band live to air broadcast with Amanda Lynn Stubley (who also took the fine photo above) at CHRW 94.9fm in London during the show "For the Folk".

Side note: Our co-producer/drummer Ian Gifford started "For the Folk" in 1997.

A week before the writing of this, Essig Taylor Gifford Miron was sitting at #4 on the CHRW charts after only 2 weeks!

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