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Essig Taylor Gifford Miron - Tracklisting and credits:

  1. Sugar Shack Shuffle – Rick Taylor
  2. Willie P – David Essig
  3. Watchin' Ma Go 'round – Mick Delaney
  4. My Baby Loves Her Bottle – Ian Gifford
  5. Falls Church '65 – David Essig
  6. Rebel Flag – David Essig
  7. Jacqueline – Grindl Kuchirka
  8. Walk Back Into Town – David Essig
  9. Sunday Afternoon – Ian Gifford
  10. Mother Theresa – David Essig
  11. Walkin' In The Rain – Rick Taylor/Chris Whitely
  12. Jesus On The Mainline (live) – Traditional

This project is dedicated to the memories of our friends Willie P Bennett, Mick Delaney and Ken Palmer.


Produced by Ian Gifford and David Essig

Executive Producer: Ian Gifford
Recorded and Mixed by Simon Larochette at The Sugar Shack – London, ON, Canada
Jesus on the Mainline recorded live by Ian Gifford & Nathan Lamb. Mixed by Simon Larochette
Mastered by Rick Taylor at Albion Street Studio - London, ON, Canada

Photography & Layout: Fred Huska

David Essig’s Songs Published by Peregrin Songs (SOCAN) All Rights Reserved
Rick Taylor’s Songs Published by Wordtide Publishing Company (SOCAN) All Rights Reserved
Mick Delaney Song Published by Wordtide Publishing Company (SOCAN) All Rights Reserved
Grindl Kuchirka Song Copyright 2015 G. Kuchirka - Used by Permission (SOCAN) All Rights Reserved
Ian Gifford Songs Copyright 2015 I. Gifford – Used by Permission (SOCAN) All Rights Reserved


David Essig – Acoustic and Electric guitars, Backing vocals, Lead vocals (2,5,6,8,10,12)

Rick Taylor – Acoustic, Electric and Resonator guitars, lead vocals (3,7,11), Drums (4,9)
Ian Gifford – Drums (all but 4,5 & 9), Acoustic Guitar (4,9), Backing vocals, Lead Vocals (4,9)

Richard Miron – Bass Guitar and Upright “stick” bass